"Thank you for the style file, very impressive, not to mention helpful!"

Alison, Haywards Heath

June  "One of the most pleasurable shopping trips I have had in a long time.
I am now invigorated to completely sort out my wardrobe."

November  "I've just been out and invested in some orange outfits. I've never worn orange and was surprised at how good it looked. Also, yesterday I wore a lovely green jumper and three people commented on how much it suited me. So – a huge thank you once again for opening my eyes to new colours and encouraging me to think outside my grey/black box about what looks good on me. A great confidence builder."

Angela, Norwich

"Having recently changed career direction I needed a new look and Caroline was patient and guided me through how to achieve the look I needed to make my first impression count.  The image consultation and end purchases have done wonders for my confidence as well as the first impression I give my clients.  Thank you Caroline."

Hannah, Director Altass-Cheshire

"I enjoyed my colour and make-up consultation. In fact my return home
followed by supper with my husband and his son was spent feeling
confident with my improved look. It truly did make me feel more confident
and I have continued to make-up along the lines of your handy work."

Kathy, South West London

"Thanks very much for doing my colours.
It was really enjoyable and I am delighted with the outcome. Thanks also for
the instructions on how to use the colour swatch... I love all this.
Such a wonderful antidote to work."

Kim, South West London

"Thanks again for the brilliant colour consultation, a feeling of enormous calm (and order!) has washed over me combined with lots of excitement about the imminently pending wardrobe adjustments.  (Life cannot continue without the urgent addition of a grey blazer.)  Going to work today was really hard as I wanted to haul everything out of the wardrobe and have a good review."

Sharon, Ware