Declutter your Wardrobe

Declutter your wardrobe


Do you open the wardrobe in the morning and feel despair? Do you rummage around for a bit and can’t find anything to wear so go for the trusty default option? Time for a radical overhaul of your wardrobe seems required; weeding out the items that do not flatter your colouring and your current lifestyle.

Caroline will work with you going through your wardrobe (one standard wardrobe) and the relating accessories to help you in making your wardrobe more manageable going forward.

A wardrobe declutter will take around 3 hours and costs from £185.00.

Do you have problems putting an outfit together and would like some ideas to maximise the items you have in the wardrobe to create a co-ordinated wardrobe, then perhaps a longer session is required. Caroline will help you by creating handy wardrobe charts to remind you of which items work together. It will also assist in identifying any “missing” items from the wardrobe and a shopping list will be created.

A wardrobe declutter with wardrobe charts will take approximately 4 hours and costs from £235.00.